Early Montessori Class

From 18 months approximately


The child at the Early Montessori Class is now moving confidently and during this class still has the opportunity to explore and manipulate all the resources in the carefully planned and prepared environment. They continue to gain great delight using their hands with everyday objects, discovering their functions, moving, manipulating and testing.

We have to help the child to act, will and think for himself.

– Maria Montessori (The Absorbent Mind, p.257)

Our next term starts on Wednesday 8th January 2020.   The Early Montessori class starts at 10.15am in the upstairs room of Christ Church Hall Coggeshall. The five week course costs £50.

In addition, the team at Little Treasures are now guiding the children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, by carrying out activities that they see their parents performing at home.  During this process of refining their control over everyday objects, the child is able to develop coordination and to master tasks such as pouring with a jug, picking up items with tongs or opening tins.  The materials allow purposeful activity and foster a child’s natural inclination to learn life skills whilst stimulating extensive periods of concentration.

As the child carries out their purposeful tasks we see a gradual progression towards a ‘cycle of work’, where the child selects their own activity, takes it to the place where they wish to work, completes their activity with concentration and then returns the material to its rightful place.  This is an expression of their independence and shows the child is capable of initiating their own self directed learning.

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