Heuristic Play

12 months - 18 months approximately


In this class, your child will be on the move and their curiosity about the environment around them is awakened. They will now be wondering “what does this do?” or “what can I do with this?” rather than “what is this?” as in the previous class. We offer an extensive range of materials that enable each child to explore “cause and effect” and increase their sensorial experiences, in a calm and industrious fashion.

The role of the adult gradually changes too. At first, your child will often return to you for reassurance, but over time, this will lessen, until they no longer return to you but look for eye contact instead. This eye contact and reassurance from you, gained while they are exploring the environment, impacts hugely on their self-confidence and growing independence. It is important to let your child investigate in their own manner, and you or we, as practitioners, will only help if your child is getting really frustrated.

Once your child is only looking for you occasionally, you can move back towards the edge of the room, eventually being able to sit on the seats and relish the opportunity of watching your child and the materials that interest them.

Our experienced staff will constantly be on hand to support the children, positively role-modelling putting things away, keeping order and maintaining the environment.

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